About Us

We’re Lucy and Ellena (Ellie), school friends, dive buddies and occasional drinking partners. We’ve grown-up in diving and as young women have been lucky to have family, friends and each other to dive with. We know this isn’t the same for all women however, so we’re changing that.

Luna (a mash-up of our names) is a dive company that serves to encourage and empower more women to dive. After hearing horror stories from friends, female dive buddies, dive professionals, or from online communities, we wanted to create an experience that provides a supportive environment for female divers.

We’re not trying to sell you inflated dive trip costs. You won’t find lots of payed-for staff tagging along for a free jolly, or unnecessary add-ons on our trips. We’re starting by providing a great dive package with a trusted dive centre partner and will extend our offering from there as we grow.

We’d love you to come on this journey with us!