3 new mermaids!

We’re hosting our next try dive event! Learn more and book.

On Monday 2 December in a corner of Chiswick, 3 women joined Luna founders Ellie and Lucy to try scuba diving for the first time!

Hosted at London School of Diving (LSD), the briefing covered the basics of scuba dive physiology, equalisation, and scuba equipment, before everyone headed down to the pool to get wet!

After a more detailed equipment briefing down by the pool, it was time to get geared up. Students each familiarised themselves with the feeling of breathing underwater with the noise and bubbles from the regulator around their face. They then each successfully demonstrated some key skills with the support of divemasters Lucy and Ellie; mask flood and clear, and regulator removal and recovery.

[I loved] the attentive coaching and great explanation of what to do.

Maria, DSD attendee December 2019

After they had each nailed their skills, each of the students were taken for an assisted swim with neutral buoyancy before time for playing around with some (toy) sharks and group photos.

Although the nerves were kicking in at the beginning the calm nature of our tutors made you feel so safe and reassured. Blooming loved it!

Hailey, DSD attendee December 2019

Thanks whole-heartedly to the ladies that joined us on the 2nd, we look forward to hosting many more try dive events in the coming months!

If you’d like to register your interest for our next try dive event, please use the contact form below.

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