Meet the team


“Lucy is the reason I got back in the water and was able to keep going during my PADI Open Water Course in Colombia. Later that year, whilst diving in Thailand, I had a scare but it was her voice that popped into my head and helped me remain calm.”

Kayla Lavoie

When and where did you learn to dive?

I learned to dive at the tender age of 16 in 2004. I did my PADI Open Water course at Ocean College in Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt.

I was lucky enough to do all my confined water skills lessons off the beach so while my brother was practising his skills with our instructor, I could watch actual fish swimming around me. I was hooked already!

Favourite dive location?
I’d have to say the Red Sea (Egypt). It’s warm, the wildlife is diverse and colourful, it is only a five-hour flight away from the UK and the people and food are wonderful.

Best diving memory?
I have so many but I would have to choose an amazing dolphin encounter I had on the House Reef at Roots Red Sea, El Quesir, Egypt. I was assisting the training of some injured veterans with an organisation called Deptherapy.

Credit: Andy Alfred

The lads were mid-way through a skills circuit when we were surrounded by a pod of five very chilled dolphins who calmly, yet interestedly cruised around us for what seemed like ages. I’ve been dolphin-mad since about 1995 so that was a dream come true for me.

Top of your bucket list for creatures?
Whaleshark and manta rays share joint-top of my underwater creature bucket list. You’d think after all this time I’d have seen one, but no….!!

Top of your bucket list for dive sites
Indonesia  – Komodo


I can really say that Ellie is super safe and skilled under the water. Also a great buddy that inspires confidence and makes sure every dive goes accordingly to the plan. I hope I can dive with her again!

Hendrik Almeida, PADI IDC Instructor, Cape Verde

When and where did you learn to dive?
I learnt to dive when I was 19 years old over in Koh Tao, Thailand where the diving was diverse and fun. I logged a lot of dives quickly after getting my rescue diver qualification before working as an underwater videographer with Ocean’s Below

Favourite dive location?
Indonesia is just a treasure trove of dive locations for me! Raja Ampat has some of the best diving I’ve ever experienced; every dive was like being in a fish tank and the ripping currents bring in big schools and hunting action!

Best diving memory?
There’s an amazing pinnacle dive site in Komodo (Indonesia) called Batu Balong. I was lucky enough to dive there three days in a row whilst in Komodo and each day the dive was different and incredible. The pinnacle sits in the middle of a strong current and nestled in that safe space are schools of anthias, nudibranch everywhere, napoleon wrasse out in the blue, and snoozing reef sharks hiding in the reef. When the light came down through the water it was like something out of this world!

Top of your bucket list for creatures?
I’d love to see a harlequin shrimp! They’re so tiny and hide under rocks, making them really hard to find.

Top of your bucket list for dive sites?
Darwin’s Arch, Galapagos (Ecuador)

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